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As your art consultant and art investment advisory, it is my goal to help you find the artwork that you desire. My team and I adapt our own taste and knowledge of the art industry to help source the style and type of art investment that you’re looking for. We work with art collectors, to help them expand their portfolio of art investments, and this can include physical paintings along with NFTs. 


Art + Technology

Let’s embark upon a digital journey into the world of art, as we combine technology with art. Galleries have adopted new tools such as virtual art exhibitions to help bring artists and art collectors closer together. Our partnership with Artgence3D has already changed how creatives and artists present their latest work. 

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The Metaverse will welcome art collectors into an immersive and interactive world. 3D Models, VR, AR and blockchain technology the future has already arrived. Contact us to learn more and see how we can empower your upcoming exhibitions and projects. 

NFT Curators

NFTs or non-fungible tokens, ownership of art from digital artists and physical artwork. This is a new avenue artists have taken on an international scale to create digital art for online art collectors. Invest in the future of art and minimize your risk as an artist and art collector.

Virtual Gallery Architects

Visit a 3D and interactive art gallery and virtually browse artwork from around the world. Our focus is on the design and development of custom virtual projects, as we believe galleries provide premium digital real estate. We can even incorporate your personal brand and collection.

Featured Artist

Every three months we are featuring emerging artists from all over the world and selling their work online starting with these talented artists from Africa.

Ken Kamara


Using a medium format Yashica camera, Ken Kamara captures stunning details that otherwise would not be able to be captured.

Type: Triptych

Size: 100 × 100 cm

Material: archival paper

Price: €5,000

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