IT IS ALL AROUND US: the NFT Artwork Immersive Experience

Artgence is pleased to announce the exhibition of NFT artworks titled “IT IS ALL AROUND US”. Curated by Jérémy Chausse, this virtual exhibition is showing digital artworks of 11 talented and promising artists in the field : Andreas Wannerstedt, BE A STEREOTYPE, Fernando Magalhães, Jan Kaláb, Kode A. aka Bosslogic, Lethabo Huma, Michael Cina, Mustafa Sherpidin, NastPlas, Rolands Zilvinskis, and Vratislav Pecka aka PosterLad. The exhibition opened to the public on June, 17th and will end on September, 17th 2021.
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Artgence is an agency focused on connecting art collectors with art. Our services are designed for the new art collector and the busy professional who does not have the time to visit galleries, art fairs or artists' studios to view and evaluate a variety of artwork. We are art addicts and we live for art on a daily basis. We want to share our expertise with you as you make decisions on whether to buy artwork. We can find something you will love on any budget.
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At Artgence, we turned our passion into a professional service. With trained eyes through many years attending art fairs and galleries, we’ve built lasting relationships with artists worldwide. It is the trust and intimate connections that has gifted us the ability to find and procure the masterpieces of tomorrow.

When working with Artgence, we will guide you through your art collecting journey including how to purchase, making sure you receive authentication, and how you can receive a tax benefit.

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A multi-dimensional art agency bridging the gaps in the modern art market
Welcome to Artgence
A multi-dimensional art agency bridging the gaps in the modern art market

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Living in a digital age with exponential growth, industries are increasing with the help of online sales and marketing. Access to products is easier than ever and people are spending more time, more money, on more devices, in more places. Those who have acted on it, have raked the benefits.

Few artists have caught on to the attributes of a properly managed online presence. Galleries who have proven consistent efforts of promotion and value on social media have quickly increased the amount of viewers. Collectors are able to search through millions of pieces of art from a variety of various online sources.

In efforts to help the art market on a balanced level, we continue to research and improve in all areas. Artgence is designed for Artists who are looking to increase the global reach of their artwork, Galleries which would like to increase promotion and share curations with collectors around the world, and Collectors investing in supporting the craft of an artisan and creative expression.