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Let's Meet

Let's take a Journey Together

Hi, I am Marques Hardin. Art Buyer, Art Consultant, and Tech Entrepreneur . Along with a few friends, we will help you find solid art investments to display in your home or office, discover new artists and to join the growing club of Art Collectors. 


Art + Technology

We are in the business of service. Art Collectors, Artists and Businesses. Art is fun, light and quite enjoyable. Let's get lost in the world of art not only in a physical space but also in the virtual world. Artists and galleries have adopted new tools such as virtual galleries. Our partnership with Artgence3D has already changed the way people view art. See more below. 

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We are just getting started. The metaverse will replace the website. 3D Models, VR, AR and the blockchain is the future.  Contact us to see what we can do for your project.   

NFT Curators

We love NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) and we've curated shows that featured the biggest names in NFTs.  Let's collaborate on your next project. 

Virtual Gallery Architects

We are the best in the business. Our focus is on custom virtual projects as we believe our galleries are premium Digital Real Estate.

Our Featured Artists

Every three months we are featuring emerging artists from all over the world and selling their work online starting with these talented artists from Africa.


from Ghana

Ghanaian artist Kwame Acheampong perfectly captures the essence of his seaside town, Jamestown, Accra, with his camera.


from Ghana

With perseverance and ingenuity, photographer and artist Awuku Darko Samuel wants to inspire the next generation to create.


from Nigeria

If the works of Nigerian-born Abe Ogulende had to be summarised into one word, that word will be whimsical.

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