Meet the team


Marques Hardin

Air Force Military Veteran and Entrepreneur, with experience in International Business Development. Marques believes in the power of building long term relationships and innovation. He felt that it was time to connect the art world with technology and help in the process of building brands.


Kyle Dow

Jumping into Paris in the fashion scene as a photographer, he has now lived here 2 years and having tasted the French culture caused him to fall in love with the art world as one. Growing up as a 3rd generation photgrapher, Kyle has always been influenced by artists of all mediums.

His senior year of high school he decided university was not the route he wanted to take, Kyle started learning digital marketing paired with clothing design. Before graduating high school he was already selling clothes online. Shortly after, he built a small music festival with his best friend in a large studio, with 8 musical performances and 5 visual artists, before moving to Paris.

After shooting fashion week, editorials, and campaigns, he is combining all of his acquired skills to help grow with the art world.