Become an art collector


We are always attending galleries, meeting new artists, traveling around Europe, and attending art fairs.

We offer consultancy to advise you with your collecting of artwork, how to purchase, making sure you receive authentication, and even how you can receive a tax benefit.


Hire us to find the work for you. Tell us your favorite styles, artists you are interested in, and any other details.

We will search for artists matching your criteria and finally present you with a portfolio of artists and artwork for you to choose from.

Private Shows

If you are interested and willing to open your home or even find a space to host an event. We can work together to bring this to life for you.

With a strong network of people in the art industry this can be really beneficial to you if you are interested in selling your art or creating a space for networking and expanding.

It shouldnt be so hard

To buy the art you love

Artists with Artgence

Inquire for avaliable work.