Premium 3D Virtual Art Fair Experience

The next best experience of art is with a premium virtual 3D gallery experience.

Openeye Art Fair

Brand yourself as the best

Virtual experiences in the art industry have had a massive spike in interest and usage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A large number of galleries have quickly made the transition into a form of online selling and exhibiting since the first quarter of the year 2020. 

Wouldn’t you like to set your gallery apart from your competitors?
Presentation and functionality have a huge impact on the overall experience for your customers when visiting your virtual exhibition. 

No, a viewing room is NOT a virtual exhibition. No, a virtual tour is NOT a 3D experience.
Give your customers the quality they deserve. Keep them coming back, and don’t let them forget your name.

Expand your possibilities

Move your physical space beyond the walls of your gallery, exhibit more artists, and preview various works on the walls before exhibiting in your physical space.

Quality & Performance

Give buyers an interactive experience in real high-definition 3D with access to your art collection from anywhere in the world, elevating your gallery's brand image and the value of your artists.

100% Customizable

Update your gallery in a few clicks (paintings, photos, sculptures, etc.) and edit or enhance your exhibition. Replicate your gallery, just give us the blueprints.

Multiplied Visibility

Not only can you be found in your city. Now your collections can be viewed from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, 24 hours a day. No need plugins or apps needed!

Exhibition Examples

Click on the picture to view the exhibition.

Types of Galleries

Choose between our three different galleries and inquire to build your own!
Room size of 70m2
40-50 Artwork placements
Additional upgrades:
Room size of 300m2
150 Artwork placements
Fully customizable room elements
Multiple options available for framing selection, videos, 3d objects like sculpture, e-commerce
This is a custom replication of  your physical gallery or the creation from a blueprint  of your ideal gallery. We will build your own and unique 3D gallery.  

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Us vs Them

What are our differences? What makes us different than the other virtual galleries?

If it wasn't clear before, it's quality. Now here's why:

We can build a 3D replication of your space, unlike current competitors’ solutions; simple virtual visits, static with visual distortions. Even compatible with virtual reality glasses.

Our 3D modeling technology was built without any optical distortion, meaning no “fish-eye” effect and an even more realistic experience. 

Free and fluid movement in your 3D space, with a fully customizable layout and decoration, maybe you even want to add some chairs or tables. With optimized compression for ultra-fast loading time.

Works highlighted from the viewer’s point of view, we focused a lot on restitution of images & details, materials, lighting effects, reflections, and the 3D reproduction of sculptures. 

Ease and intuitiveness of updating exhibited work. The hanging and unhooking of work happens in just a few clicks, with publication and updates of description sheets.

The virtual gallery can be embedded directly on your website, accessible by computer, tablet, without the need to download an app or 3D programs, and the work can be purchased directly on the site.

Brand Independence

Let our developers rebuild your space virtually or expand up to 250㎡ of virtual space. Customize with your logo or name.

Website Integration

Displaying on your website? Integrate the gallery into your website and show the works being displayed with dimension and scale, giving the viewers a realistic idea of the art piece.

Ecommerce Options

CMS and e-commerce functionalities allowing your customers to add products to your shopping cart directly from the virtual gallery.

Analytics & Behavior

Full indexing, google analytics integration, and artwork views in gallery. See which artworks your visitors are most interested in.

Call to Action

Inquiry form and call to action buttons, and social media sharing icons installed on each individual art piece.

Search Engine Optimization

Catalog information, artwork tags, and keyword optimization for SEO enhancement.
"The best virtual gallery on the market for gallerists"
"This is the ultimate way of presenting art in a digital age"
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