Allan Banford

Allan Banford's artworks respond directly to the surrounding environment of everyday experiences, unnoticed instances that come alive by his “Laceration” technique, de-constructing the subject to the extent that the meaning is shape-shifted, creating an abstract interpretation that challenge perception and perspective.

His art follows the concept of constant creative evolution, identifying the boundaries between consciousness and reality his creations capture movements, emotions, portraits and, figures revealing an inseparable relationship between dimension and space, this conceptual approach produces a unique multi-layered texturised artworks.

The abstract conceptualisation and digital art of Allan Banford’s art have been portrayed as “一期一会 / Ichi-go ichi-e” / “for this time only, and once in a lifetime” treasuring the unrepeatable nature of a Minkowski spacetime moment.

Digital Art

Digital Encounter

Public installation at Shenzhen “Silicon Valley of China.” In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Futian District Government and the Huaqiangbei international cultural industry fair.Located in the center of Huaqiang Allan Banford’s “digital encounter” Installation features his algorithm Digitalism which creates  20 million pixels sequences based on any typo or number character combination, shown in a 3x3x3 cubic meter LED panels right in front of the SEG Building, a historical city landmark.The on-site digital imagery and live electronic music culminated in a phenomenal sensory feast. It also spoke directly to the turbulent history of the street and the young city which came into existence and made a name in the world only since 1979.