David Twose

Although drawn to art early in his childhood, David Twose, the Franco-British artist living in Paris, decided not to pursue his passion for art professionally until the age of 40 (in 2017).

Twose studied in art classes, mainly at the iconic art academy La Grande Chaumière in Paris, while pursuing a management career in Marketing for sixteen years at Peugeot.

While early influences included the Fauves, Nabis, and, more recently, David Hockney, his motivation to take the leap to become a professional artist lies in his unwavering desire to align his inner and outer worlds—congruent to living life as a painter.

Twose works as a true tightrope walker, seeking the perfect harmony between figuration and abstraction. He creates a world outside space and time, a universe with powerful colors and forms that draws its inspiration from the human body, landscapes, and urban landscapes.

Twose reveals the abstraction hiding within reality, with the aim of expressing a world that transcends us, touching the essence of all that surrounds and inhabits us, what he calls abstractivation. His paintings put our imagination to work, bringing us back to our need for contemplation.

Today, Twose works in the international artist residency “59 Rivoli” located in the heart of Paris.