Kwame Acheampong

Kwame Acheampong (1993) is a Ghanaian artist based in Jamestown, Accra. Kwame photographs and documents the lives around him while breathing new life into the images. His art is an exercise in what can be achieved when working with as little as possible, shooting and editing entirely on his iPhone. He is a prime example that talent and ingenuity are not tied to the tools available, but rather to the artist themselves.

Inspired by his seaside town, Kwame showcases the heart and soul of his birthplace, while adding a contemporary, playful aesthetic to them. He frequently frames people working, playing, and living by the shore, featuring items and geological features that are only available in a coastal city like Accra. He is not afraid to experiment with his images, utilizing different effects and colors to achieve eye-catching images. Though captured through a lens, Kwame’s images are more akin to paintings than photographs.

Kwame is one of many artists coming out of Ghana’s burgeoning art scene. He holds a bachelor’s degree in science from the acclaimed University of Ghana. He is passionate about art and philosophy and wishes to continue pursuing an education in art. Though he has no plan to drop photography, he is interested in learning other forms and mediums to incorporate in his future works.