Rob Grad

Rob began his career as a musician. He started writing songs to cope with his parents’ divorce at age 16 and was signed to RCA Records before his 21st birthday.

He wound up on a wild ride of making albums, videos, touring and appearing on MTV. During days off on tour, while his bandmates were sightseeing or at local malls, he visited museums.

Rob has shown during Art Basel, Switzerland, SCOPE Miami, and the LA Art Show. He exhibits internationally, and his work hangs in the San Francisco Airport, The Avedis Zildjian Company in Boston, and the Griffin Club in Los Angeles among others. He is currently working on two large scale commission projects that will be installed in the Fall of 2019, and recently completed a video project for TikTok China.

Rob gave a TEDx Talk in Culver City, CA about authenticity in art and following the internal muse. He also writes a blog about his art practice called The Creativesphere, and speaks to students in schools about the importance of learning to think creatively not only in making art, but how it relates to solving problems in today’s culture and society.