Allan Banford

Allan Banford's artworks respond directly to the surrounding environment of everyday experiences, unnoticed instances that come alive by his "Laceration" technique, de-constructing the subject to the extent that the meaning is shape-shifted, creating an abstract interpretation that challenge perception and perspective.

His art follows the concept of constant creative evolution by identifying the boundaries between consciousness and reality. His art creations capture movements, emotions, portraits, and figures, revealing an inseparable relationship between dimension and space; this conceptual approach produces a unique multi-layered textured artworks.

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Beto Gatti

When Beto faces his work, he is faced with an expansive character of his essence, that for a long time went unnoticed.

Sun sign Aries, rising to sign Gemini, fire, and air. Combustion.

Throughout his life, Beto always wondered if he should not follow a unique style in his art. He looked at the great artists he was inspired by and recognized the language patterns they used for years. He wanted that unique style to his name as well. He tried to find an artistic style that would act as his face. Something that everyone would look at and know immediately belongs to Beto Gatti.

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Guadeloupean and Haitian artist, sculpture, and musician, EGZO living in Paris, France, creates awareness with the sounds and art that will spark consciousness for the environment.

Music is his starting point, in which he forms these shapes and colors in his mind then expressed on cigarette boxes, an unlimited source of sustainable material. There are very few limitations to what he can create from abstract, collage, and wall sculptures.

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Ken Kamara

With his portraits collection, Ken will be taking his audience on a journey back to the brief moment, where his eyes met with those portrayed, in some ways acting as a conduit while at the same time finding a way of preventing himself from being an obstruction to the audience. By experiencing the same intimate face-to-face encounters through the photographs in a display, the audience has the chance to engage in a similar yet new dialogue with the faces of the people standing before them.

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Michael Walrond

Michael's work is about transformation, connection, and perspectives.

He uses light and organic manipulation to capture the emotion and essence of a person. He aims to connect with the observer while minding them, Forgetting time and place, the pure immersion of that moment.

He believes when we are lost within "The Space Between," the
lines of reality disappear, and that's where the raw, real vulnerability

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Rob Grad

Rob began his career as a musician. He started writing songs to cope with his parents' divorce at age 16 and got signed to RCA Records before his 21st birthday. After a wild ride of tours, albums, videos, he found museums and shortly transitioned to fine art.

Rob has shown during Art Basel, Switzerland, SCOPE Miami, and the LA Art Show. He exhibits internationally, and his work hangs in the San Francisco Airport, The Avedis Zildjian Company in Boston, and the Griffin Club in Los Angeles, among others. He is currently working on two large-scale commission projects installed in the fall of 2019 and recently completed a video project for TikTok China.

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Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson '64 lives and works in Los Angeles. He has a BA from Belmont University in Nashville, TN ('88), and has studied at Cal State and UCLA.

His numerous awards include the prestigious 'PRIZE FOR CREATIVITY 2019/2020" from the Pollock Krasner Foundation in honor of Lee Krasner for his work associated with the 58th Venice Biennale, a Pollock Krasner Foundation Award Grant 2010/2011, Best Foreign Artist-Bluduemila Sporte & Arte Italy, 2 Artslant International Abstract Showcase Awards, and an Artistic Merit Award from Art 1307 Cultural Association in Italy.

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Kwame Acheampong

Kwame Acheampong (1993) is a Ghanaian artist based in Jamestown, Accra. Kwame photographs and documents the lives around him while breathing new life into the images. His art is an exercise in what can be achieved when working with as little as possible, shooting and editing entirely on his iPhone. He is a prime example that talent and ingenuity are not tied to the tools available, but rather to the artist themselves.

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