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Artgence is always searching for opportunities to create exhibitions for our artists under management while keeping the gallery's best interest.

Collective exhibitions

We find a great passion for bringing artists together and giving opportunities to cross-pollinate networks, share collectors, and experience collective events.

Artgence can help with curation and management of collaborative events and exhibitions.

Building a wider network

Working on many different levels is our expertise. Our mission is to grow a network of artists, gallerists, and collectors, to be able to bring more people together and help find more opportunities.

Premium 3D Virtual Gallery

Coming from a branch of Artgence is Artgence3D, co-founded by Marques Hardin & Philippe Thoniel. Together with their team, a cutting-edge virtual gallery has been created to replicate and/or expand your current physcial gallery space.

Options such as e-commerce, gallery replication, and search engine optimization are available for your virtual gallery.

For more information about Artgence 3D, click the button below.

Artgence 3D

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