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How can we partner?

Artgence is active seeking artwork for clients. We simple want you to share your portfolio of available piece per the criteria we will provide you in an email;

Collective exhibitions

We find a great passion for bringing artists together and giving opportunities to cross-pollinate networks, share collectors, and experience collective events.

Artgence can help with curation and management of collaborative events and exhibitions.

Building a wider network

Working on many different levels is our expertise. Our mission is to grow a network of artists, gallerists, and collectors, to be able to bring more people together and help find more opportunities.

Premium 3D Virtual Gallery

Coming from a branch of Artgence is Artgence3D, co-founded by Marques Hardin & Philippe Thoniel. Together with their team, a cutting-edge virtual gallery has been created to replicate and/or expand your current physcial gallery space.

Options such as e-commerce, gallery replication, and search engine optimization are available for your virtual gallery.

For more information about Artgence 3D, click the button below.

Artgence 3D

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