Oscar Mancilla

About the Artist


Oscar Mancilla, a Peruvian photographer, was interested in art from a very young age. At 16 years old he started a photography course in his hometown. Self-taught from then on, he defines his work as experimental.

Coming from a small neighborhood, he lived with deficiencies and
needs, factors that made him interested in social reality. With a career that only begins and does not end, his awareness and attitude developed and gave him a critical look regarding the transmission of messages.

I am from a low-class family and a neighborhood that is affected very much by the indifference shown by the government of Peru.

Populations have long fought for fair rights, seeking to prioritize the citizen above all else. We are outraged. We raise our voices of protest, we will shout what was silenced, we listen to the companion's pain and we will see what they have hidden from them. Going out to the streets is our only option, we will continue until victory, some friends have fallen but they will always be in the memory, the spilled blood will never be forgotten.