Upcoming Exclusives from Yoyo Lander

In 2018, YoYo Lander began exploring what it meant to be vulnerable as a person of color. Her first series, Time Off, looked at black women and challenged the ideas that we have around what it means to be black and vulnerable. She continued this line of thought into her next series, Bruised Bananas Are Sweeter, this time focused on black men. YoYo employs the use of cut and dried watercolor paper layered onto wood panels to create a visceral image of her photographed subjects. The resulting works go beyond the photographs, becoming more expressive and more vulnerable.

Three new pieces from the artist will be available. (Photos coming soon)

YoYo Lander is a visual artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Her visions emanate from all that surrounds her while at home and abroad. YoYo’s work explores unconventional color palettes, bold color contrasts, and vulnerability. Her subjects are comprised of an arrangement of brown color harmonies, placed on backgrounds of both subtle and loud color blocks.

YoYo creates her interpretations using personal photographs and stories from indigenous women as her inspiration. The figurative artwork enjoins a conversation between itself and its audience regarding joy, identity, and community. 

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