Seja Herói, Seja Marginal



Fine Art Conceptual Photography

Other details:

Portraiture & Digital Mixed Media Collage. Printed on 230g Matte Paper.


50.8cm X 40.64cm


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About the Artwork

From the series “A Pureza é um mito”, Gatti creates an inspirational dive into the experimental forest of the Tropicalia movement. A phenomenon extremely important to the Brazilian art scene. Every work contains a certificate of authenticity, dated, signed and stamped by the artist.

Beto Gatti

Beto Gatti’s work changes with the seasons because he changes with the seasons. Like a family tree of references, each piece refers to a period, a physical, mental, or emotional space that marked Gatti’s life. All of these references and information about the inspirations and processes behind his work come from an aspect of his life.


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