The Rock That Moses Hit



Collage Art

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90cm X 60cm


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The land of blue series is a series of collage artworks using a subtle figurative combination of the three elements that make up our planet. The water, the earth, and the air evoked in the poet Renédepestres' poetry said that man is a marine animal that lives on the ground and which would like to fly. It is also a nod to the masters who inspired the artist, whether in terms of painting (Kandinsky - Sky Blue) or music (Miles Davis - Kind of Blue) being human.


Guadeloupean and Haitian artist, sculpture, and musician, Egzo is based in Paris, France. Egzo creates awareness with the sounds and art that will spark consciousness for the environment. Music is his starting point, in which he forms these shapes and colors in his mind then expressed through various textures and forms of media.


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€ 450.00 EUR
€ 450.00 EUR
The Rock That Moses Hit
€ 450.00 EUR

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