What We Offer

Art Advisory/Personal Shopper

It Starts With A Vision

Before we help you, we want to get to know you and what you want. Every project and every client is unique and have their own wants and needs. No project is complete without a complete understanding of who you are as a collector or as a brand. Because of this approach, each result is unique and tailored to your specifics.

Whether you’re completely new to collecting or you’re a seasoned pro, we will be there every step of the way. We can advise you on taxes, shipping, or even how to best sell your art if you one day wish to do so. We want to make this process to be enjoyable for you and help you discover the wonderful world of art.

Tech: Artgence3D

Welcome To The Future

In times of need, great innovations are born. After shunning the digital space for many years, everyone realized how crucial the digital space is, including all of us in the art industry.

Combining our experience with curating traditional spaces and innovative technology, we have created a premier 3D virtual gallery experience that transcends the limits of the physical space. No longer are we stuck with mindlessly scrolling through images after images.

Welcome to the future.

Transcend Your Physical Limitation

Whether you’re an artist looking for a new way to reach a wider audience or an art fair looking to elevate the digital experience for your participating galleries and visitors alike, we can tailor the digital experience just for you. Our galleries are easy to set up, easy to view, and is 100% customizable. Reach a wider, more global audience and offer them a premium digital experience.

Alpha Quark Exhibition in South Korea


Invest In The Future

What exactly is NFT and why should your museum pay attention to it?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, hit the art market and we are scrambling to understand what creates the value and who are the who’s who of NFTs. The future is here and we have experience curating some of the largest exhibitions to date.

While you and your team might be excited and ready to jump into the world of NFTs, curating NFTs is not like curating traditional museums and galleries. Artgence and our team of art and tech experts are here to help you navigate through the Wild West of NFT. Through our years of experience working in traditional art galleries and tech companies, we can help you curate an NFT experience that excites the audience while still staying true to your identity as a museum.