About Artgence

More than an agency...

We are Artgence!

An artist management agency focused on creating new opportunities and boundaries for talented artists.

We came into the art’s industry to disrupt the traditional settings and bring in the modern way in promoting art talents.

Our mission is to help independent artists who lack adequate promotion/sales to scale fast and get recognized through their creativity.

In a modern time where information is shared faster than ever, images can be viewed from anywhere, and items can be purchased with the press of a button, but talented artists are still under-valued and thus limiting their passion for art. 

This is why Artgence seeks to put its artists ahead of the curve and begin to set the pace for others in the art world.

Our inspiration

Our inspiration was birthed from globalization, the world has become a global village with the advent of the Internet. Looking into the art industry as a global business, we leverage on the most current technology and strategies to enhance the buying process, and assure artists that their work can be promoted with efficiency both in time and cost.

Globally, the modern art market is getting saturated due to the help of digital technology, but technology serves the advantage to allow us to effectively leverage targeted ads for the best results and conversions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help independent artists who lack inadequate promotion and sales. In conjunction with the traditional gallery model, we pursue innovation to help push the advancement of the industry. Following the technology and trends, to make art more accessible and inviting, especially to the new generation of art lovers.

Meet the Founder

Marques Hardin

Co-Founder & CEO
The "innovator" of Artgence.

Marques Hardin is a serial entrepreneur, USAF military veteran and ardent art enthusiast.

His career started by starting a successful landscape architecture firm with then Partner Ralph Robinson, who taught him the history of art and how to buy art while working together.

After seeing David Hockney, Salvador Dali and many more inspired him to eventually crossover into selling art. He was anchored into the industry by the trust of Stephen Robert Johns, a geometric Bauhaus inspired artist from Los Angeles and eventually opened a small gallery in the 5th district of Paris.

Artgence was birthed by the idea of sharing art with individuals seeking to improve the ambiance and beauty of their home and office space.

Kyle Dow started his career when he moved to Paris 1 month after graduating high school.

He jumped into the Paris fashion scene as a freelance photographer. Following his heart from designing clothes, to building a 1-day backyard music festival with 8 musicians and 5 visual artists, the festival took over a 1 acre lot and garage, built by Kyle and his best friend.

2 years later, the world of fine art & luxury ceased to capture his heart. As a 3rd generation photographer, visual arts have always been an influence, and even more inspiration came from this new environment he found himself in.

Kyle is searching for solutions for the art market in a new digital age, pushing for innovation and inclusion in the art world for the next generation.

Kyle Dow

Co-Founder & COO
The "integrator" of Artgence.