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What is Artgence?

More than an agency...

Gone with the typicality of an independent artist having to lack from inadequate promotion and sales. In a time period where information is shared faster than ever, images can be viewed from anywhere, and money can be spent with the press of a button. Talented artists are still falling under-appreciated and thus not able to survive doing their passion.

Looking into the art industry as a global business, we utilize the most current technology to enhance the buying process, and assure artists that their work can be promoted with efficient strategies. The modern day art market is far more saturated due to the development of technology, but this allows for more effective and targeted advertising, for a best use of your spend.

Artgence is an artist management agency focused on creating new opportunities for talented artists. Out of the typical gallery business model, Artgence seeks to create new experiences within the art world. In a fast-paced world that is constantly evolving, Artgence seeks to put it's artists ahead of the curve and begin to set the trends.

The Team

Marques Hardin

Air Force Military Veteran and Entrepreneur, with experience in International Business Development. Marques believes in the power of building long term relationships and innovation. He felt that it was time to connect the art world with technology and help in the process of building brands.

Kyle Dow

Jumping into the Paris fashion scene as a photographer, after building his own 1-day music festival. 2 years and a few special experiences later, the art world ceased to capture his heart. As a 3rd generation photographer, visual arts has always been an influence. With experience in digital marketing, Kyle is searching for solutions for the art market in a new digital age.

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